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T-ATF 170 USNS Mohawk
US Navy - Powhatan Class Fleet Ocean Tug - T-ATF 170 USNS Mohawk

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T-ATF 170 USNS Mohawk

US Navy - Powhatan Class Fleet Ocean Tug

Capt. Lawrence Dalli

Pinto 3, Grand Harbour, Malta

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Naval Tugs

Photo Posted Online:
9/29/2009 9:35:52 AM


She was equipped with a 10-long-ton (10 t) capacity crane and a bollard pull of at least 54 long tons (55 t). A deck grid was fitted aft which contained 1-inch (25 mm) bolt receptacles spaced 24 inches (610 mm) apart. That allowed for the bolting down of a wide variety of portable equipment. There were two GPH fire pumps supplying three fire monitors with up to 2,200 US gallons of foam per minute (0.14 m3/s). A deep module could be embarked to support naval salvage teams.