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Malta Ship Photos & Action Photos Naval Movements Logs start from October 1977. For further information kindly contact Capt. Lawrence Dalli directly via email.


JUNE 2017

xviii) From Saturday 24th to Monday 26th June the Russian Navy Akademik Krylov (Project 852/856) Class Research Vessel ADMIRAL VLADIMIRSKIY is entering Valletta. She can carry 1 x Kamov Ka-32 Helicopter.


JULY 2017

i) From Monday 3rd to Wednesday 5th July the Border Force Telkka Class Cutter HMC PROTECTOR is calling to Valletta.

ii) From Thursday 13th to Saturday 15th July the Irish Naval Service Offshore Patrol Vessel L.E. EITHNE P 31 is calling to Valletta.

iii) From Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th July the Border Force Telkka Class Cutter HMC PROTECTOR is calling to Valletta.

iv) On Monday 31st the Border Force Telkka Class Cutter HMC PROTECTOR is calling to Valletta.

v) Sometime in July the Italian Navy San Giorgio Class Landing Ship ITS SAN GIUSTO L 9894 is calling to Valletta assisted by 2 tugs. She has 1 x AB212ASW as MM81090/7-45 Helicopter embarked.



i) From Tuesday 1st August to Saturday 5th August the Italian Navy Sail Training Ship ITS PALINURO A 5311 is calling to Valletta berthing at Wine Wharf. Ship will be open to visitors.

ii) On Wednesday 2nd August the Border Force Telkka Class Cutter HMC PROTECTOR is leaving Valletta.



i) From Friday 22nd to Monday 25th September the Royal Navy of Oman sail training ship RNOV SHABAB OMAN II is calling to Valletta.