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Malta Ship Photos & Action Photos Naval Movements Logs start from October 1977. For further information kindly contact Capt. Lawrence Dalli directly via email.


MARCH 2017

v) From Friday 24th @ 0800/0900 hrs to Sunday 26th March the Spanish Navy Santa Maria Class Frigate ESPS VICTORIA F 82 is calling to Valletta berthing at Pinto 3 Wharf port side alongside. She can carry 1 x SH-60 Seahawk Helicopter.

vi) From Friday 24th @ 1600 hrs after cruise liner NORWEGIAN SPIRIT leaves to Monday 27th March the French Navy D'Estienne D'Orves Class Corvette FS COMMANDANT BIROT F 796 is calling to Valletta berthing at Pinto 1 Wharf.

vii) From Friday 24th Afternoon to Monday 27th March the Norwegian Government Chartered Offshore Supply Vessel SIEM PILOT is calling to Valletta berthing at Wine Wharf.

viii) On Saturday 25th @ 1200hrs the Italian Navy Aircraft Carrier and Operation Sophia Flagship ITS GIUSEPPE GARIBALDI C 551 is leaving Valletta from Boiler Wharf assisted by 2 tugs. She has 1 x SH-90A Helicopter from Grupelicot 4 as MM81590/3-14 and 1 x AB212ASW Helicopter from Grupelicot 2 as MM81090/7-45.


APRIL 2017

i) During April the German Navy Diver Support Ship (Type 332B Class) FGS ROTTWEIL M 1061 is calling to Valletta.

ii) During April the Russian Navy Amur Class Repair Ship PM 82 might call to Valletta. Below photo is of her sister ship PM 56 by our Turkish Contributor.


MAY 2017

i) On Monday 1st May the UK Border Agency Cutter HMC VALIANT is leaving Valletta from Bezzina Ship Repair Yard.