29 June 2018






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ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION SAGA – LIFELINE at Valletta, Malta –  27.06.2018.

The Dutch registered recreational ship but used as NGO Rescue Ship LIFELINE entered Grand Harbour, Malta on Wednesday evening, bringing to an end a saga which had more than 200 migrants stranded at sea for six days.

Permission for the ship to berth at Boiler Wharf in Senglea was given after 8 European Union member states agreed to jointly distribute the 234 migrants aboard amongst themselves, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said.
LIFELINE  has been stranded at sea for the past six days, with both Italy and Malta saying her captain violated international law and refusing to allow her entry to any harbour. 

Below is LIFELINE position around 55 nautical miles on Saturday 23rd June at 0130 hrs – 
Below is LIFELINE position around 17.8 nautical miles on Wednesday 27th June at 1300 hrs after she was granted shelter from rough weather – 

Meanwhile the following are the Communication Logs that happened within between VTS and the ship LIFELINE on Wednesday 27th June, 2018 –
1700 hrs – VTS to LIFELINE – Do you require gangway since height of quay is 1.2 metres ? 
1716 hrs – LIFELINE to VTS – We request a 5 metre long gangway steel or aluminium with hand rails.
1725 hrs – LIFELINE to VTS – Eta is 1900 hrs local time.
1809 hrs – LIFELINE to VTS – 1 Hour Away from Pilot Station.
1831 hrs – LIFELINE to VTS – Disembarkation all from starboard side.
1841 hrs – AFM OPV P 62 and LIFELINE – 2 nautical miles off Valletta. P62 to proceed to her base while P 23 is taking over.

1856 hrs – VTS issued Maritime Safety Warning that due to LIFELINE move all inbound/outbound ship movements are suspended until further notice.
1910 hrs – ER 2 to P 23 – She will assist LIFELINE too one on port and one on starboard of which P 23 was the lead with LIFELINE in the middle followed by ER 2.

1925 hrs – VTS issued Maritime Safety Warning again.
1942 hrs – VTS to inbound ships SEA EXPRESS III and NS HELSE to wait outside for further instructions.
2003 hrs – VTS issued Maritime Safety Warning stating the port is open.


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