7 May 2018






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MMH MALTA –  Week 18 of 2018.

Mediterranean Maritime Hub (MMH) is located within the inner of Valletta (Grand Harbour), and ideally positioned to serve the marine oil and gas servicing industries by providing drilling, sub-sea and marine operations, engineering, maintenance and storage and other services.
The following are movements within Week 18 –
Wednesday 2nd May, 2018.

Around 1145 hrs the 2008 built PAN flag offshore support vessel MO TOUCAN started shifting from MMH Quay Wall 2 West to Magazine Wharf to make berthing space for another vessel.

Vessel was represented in Malta by SMS Shipping (

The 2010 built NLD flag tugboat SD SALVOR was seen leaving Valletta bound to Augusta, Sicily following the offshore support vessel MO TOUCAN.

At 1300 hrs the 2001 built BHS flag multi purpose offshore vessel (MPSV) SKANDI CARLA was seen leaving Valletta from MMH bound to Cartagena, Spain. 

Later on in the afternoon the 1997 Damen built CYP flag tugboat EDT NIOVI was seen entering coming from offshore Libya.

Later on in the evening the 1998 built GBR flag diving support vessel BIBBY POLARIS entered Valletta from Miskar Field, offshore Tunisia.

Vessel was represented in Malta by SMS Shipping (

Thursday 3rd May, 2018.

At 0829 hrs the 2003 built NIS flag platform supply vessel (PSV) SKANDI CALEDONIA  left  Valletta from MMH bound to Sabratha, offshore Libya.

At 1730 hrs the 1997 Damen built CYP flag tugboat EDT NIOVI left Valletta bound to Offshore Libya.

Friday 4th May, 2018.

At 1711 hrs the GBR flag Diving Support Vessel BIBBY POLARIS left Valletta bound to Outside Territorial Waters (OTW). 

Vessel was represented in Malta by SMS Shipping (

At 1735 hrs the 2005 built NLD flag and owned tugboat EN AVANT 1 entered Valletta coming from Augusta after she towed a Dutch flagged  flat top barge MSB 3301.

Saturday 5th May, 2018.

At 0632 hrs the 2009 built BHS flag Diving Support Vessel DEEP ARCTIC entered Valletta bound to MMH.

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