25 March 2018






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The 2017 French built Vista Project Class Cruise Liner MSC MERAVIGLIA was seen again at Valletta (Grand Harbour), Malta on Wednesday 21st March, 2018

She was berthed at Pinto 1 and 2 wharves port side alongside as seen in the below image –

When visiting Malta you should take a look at the island of FILFLA which is situated opposite Zurrieq.

FILFLA is a small uninhabited islet 5 kilometres  south of Malta and is the most southerly point of the Maltese Archipelago. 

The island of FILFLA  was possibly sacred to the neolithic inhabitants of Malta, who built the temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra on the Maltese coast opposite the islet.

Until 1971 the Royal Navy (RN) and Royal Air Force (RAF) used the island for target practice, and spent cartridges from these bombardments can still be found on FILFLA today. It became a bird reserve in 1980. The Filfla Natural Reserve Act, enacted in 1988, provided for further restrictions on access and use, including a prohibition on fishing within one nautical mile  (1.9 km) around the island due to the possibility of encountering unexploded ordnance. 
Below are several AERIAL Images of FILFLA –

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