1 November 2017






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Ships at Haifa, Israel in Week 43 of 2017.

The following movements are covered by a friend at Haifa, Israel –

Sunday 22nd October, 2017.
The 2000 built MHL flag cruise liner NAUTICA entered port around 0500 hrs. She’s the former R FIVE untl April 2004  bearing imo 9200938.

Also the 1988 built NLD flag cruise liner PRINSENDAM entered port. She’s the former ROYAL VIKING SUN until November 1999 and SEABOURN SUN until June 2002 bearing imo 8700280.

Also early in the morning 2 units from Cyprus Navy were seen leaving Port – P 03 COMMANDER GEORGIV and P 05.

Monday 23 rd  October, 2017.

Early afternoon was the departure of the cruise liner NAUTICA.

Tuesday 24th October, 2017.

The 2006 built PRT flag container ship MSC GENEVA entered port around 1450 hrs. She’s the former BUXSONG  until July 2006  bearing imo 9320427.

Also at 1906 hrs (UTC +3) the Palmali tanker OLGA GOLOVUSHKINA left Haifa bound to Burgas, Bulgaria. Her imo is 9736688.

In the above image there’s a blue tanker with her name as CHRYSOPIGI though on marine traffic she’s transmitting as RYSO which is a bulker. Her former name is NORD PRINCESS with imo 9303728.

Wednesday 25th October, 2017.

The 2000 built MLT flag cruise liner AZAMARA JOURNEY entered port arriving from Ashdod, Israel. She’s the former BLUE DREAM until January 2005; R SIX until July 2005; CELEBRITY JOURNEY until 2007 and BLUE DREAM until May 2007 bearing imo 9200940.

Friday 27th October, 2017.

The 2002 built MLT flag cruise liner CELEBRITY CONSTELLATION entered port arriving from Ashdod, Israel after she departed  Valletta, Malta on the 22nd October. She’s the former CONSTELLATION until May 2007 bearing imo 9192399.

The 2011 built SGP flag container vessel MAERSK ENFIELD formerly MAERSK ENFIELD until August 2012 and CMA CGM ENFIELD until October 2014 with imo 9463047 departed to Koper, Slovenia with the same pilot embarking to MSC ADRIANA.

Later in the day we saw the arrival of the 1979 built PAN flag ro/ro vessel MUIRNEAG of which amongst 7 former names she’s easily recognizable as one of the Mercandian Ships infact she’s the former MERCANDIAN CARRIER II bearing imo 7725362.

Later at night we had the departure of the cruise liner CELEBRITY CONSTELLATION.

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