19 February 2024






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Last week 14 years ago the latest 4 Inshore Patrol Craft (IPC) arrived to Malta after a long voyage from Australia as a deck cargo aboard the 1990 Dutch built and owned Multi Purpose Carrier (MPP) – ARCHANGELGRACHT of which she arrived at Malta last 11th February, 2010 and was assisted by local tug MARI.

Austal was awarded the contract in February 2009 following a competitive international tender process, which called for a proven design that addressed specific AFM requirements. The project was co-financed by the European Union’s External Border’s Fund.

Austal has completed its first European defence contract following the commissioning of four 21.2 metre inshore patrol craft for the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM).

Once berthed and secured at Magazine Wharf, part of Valletta Gateway Terminals (VGT)  meeting regarding operations etc was held aboard followed by unlashing the IPC to start discharging them …..

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First 21.2 metre IPC was P 22 –

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Second one to go was P 24 –

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Assisting the IPC , the Swift Class (PCF) P 24 was also next to the ship –

With discharging operation taking longer than other operations, third one to follow was P 23 –

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And the last one to be discharged was P 21 few minutes before sunset –

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