24 April 2024






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The 23rd edition of the Malta International Fireworks Festival is here with Local Licensed Fireworks Factories & Clubs to organize traditional fireworks displays. These Local Licensed Factories are required to serve as a transition between one display and another, and they will also have dedicated days to show their amazing work throughout the Festival.

Festival took off last Saturday 20th April at the Grand Harbour where by during the day Cassar Marine Services flat top barges were being mounted with Daytime and night time petards (murtali tal-beraq) at Rinella Bay which are the same type of firework, except for the colored petards lit off at night along with the colorful ring shells (murtali tal-kulur).

The Ports and Yachting Directorate of Transport Malta (TM) issued Notice to Mariners (NTM) no 26 of 2024 dated 8th April regarding the Festival indicating Barges positions, Safety Designated areas for Boats etc.

First barge that was out moored to the sinkers off Bighi Bay was the 31 metre self propelled barge B1 towed alongside by the tug SEAWOLF II –

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Following her was the 32.66 metre flat top barge B77 towed also by SEAWOLF II –

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And the third barge was the 22metre barge B45

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While barges were being placed in their respective positions, pleasure craft were anchoring in the designated area as indicated by the NTM by TM –

During the day, the Marine Enforcement Unit of the Malta Police was spotted shifting her patrol craft ME55 from Haywharf towards Roland Marina –

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And on completion ME 66 shifted –

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Later on in the evening there were seen at the Fireworks Festival –

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