21 July 2023






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The eastern bluefin (BFT) migration has supported valuable fisheries in the Mediterranean since antiquity. Initially based on hand lines and beach seines, these fisheries were dominated after the 16th century by tuna cages placed in the path of migrating tuna. After the expansion of purse seines and longlines in the Atlantic (in the 1950s) and in the Mediterranean (in the 1970s), the importance of tuna fishing has gradually decreased.  The main EU fishing countries are Spain, France and Italy, and to a lesser extent, Croatia, Portugal, Malta, Greece and Cyprus.

During BFT we always witness interesting Fisheries Protection Ships and this year the French 2021 built 46.2 metres OPV 150 Type Patrol Vessel GYPTIS was spotted in the Mediterranean Sea

She was spotted the first time by our dedicated department, 20.9 nautical miles west of Mgarr Harbour, Gozo last 10th June around 2100 hrs.

2 days later back to 12th June around 0050 hrs she was spotted once again –

And 2 days later she was spotted returning back home at Marseille, France

Of which she arrived on the 15th June.

In the past days we use to have various French Naval Fishery Protection Vessels such as the French Navy FS ARAGO P 675 as per below images –


Timeline and below images are of the French Customs Cutter JEAN-FRANCOIS DENIAU DF P 3 berthed at Marseille, France back to 13th April, 2019.

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