26 July 2023






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On Tuesday 3rd April, 2018, the Algerian tuna purse seiner YOUNES II launched an SOS message to her sister YOUNES I, of which she did not assist her for unknown reasons.  YOUNES I  was able to return to the Tunisian coast to berth in Bizerte, unlike her sistership YOUNES II which disappeared 20 miles north of El Haouria, Tunisia

Little is known about the accident….She was at an Italian Shipyard together with her sistership YOUNES I, belonging to the same shipowner, namely, Boudmagh Chaabane based at Alger, Algeria of which they stayed  in Italy for three months.

Once the work was completed, the two tuna boats left the Italian coast for Algeria on Sunday 1stApril, 2018. According to information collected from shipyard sailors, the following night (April 2),  YOUNES II was in distress, due to an electrical failure, which disabled all the equipment, and a strong storm was in force. YOUNES I  was able to return to the Tunisian coasts, but YOUNES II was reported missing and her fate remains unknown to this day. The crew was made up of Captain Abdellatif Benslama, who was accompanied by five other sailors.

On Friday 20th April, 2018 the Italian coastguard (Guardia Costiera) recovered a body wearing a vest on which the name of the vessel YOUNES I was inscribed.


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