20 March 2022






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Marine salvage is the process of recovering a ship and her cargo after a shipwreck or other maritime casualty. Salvage may encompass towing, re-floating a vessel, or effecting repairs to a ship. Today, protecting the coastal environment from spillage of oil or other contaminants is a high priority. Before the invention of radio, salvage services would be given to a stricken vessel by any ship that happened to be passing by. Nowadays, most salvage is carried out by specialist salvage firms with dedicated crew and equipment.

All vessels have an international duty to give reasonable assistance to other ships in distress in order to save life, but there is no obligation to try to salvage the vessel. Any offer of salvage assistance may be refused; but if it is accepted a contract automatically arises to give the successful salvor the right to a reward under the 1989 Convention. Typically, the ship and the salvor will sign up to an Lloyds Open Form (LOF) agreement so that the terms of salvage are clear. Since 2000, it has become standard to append a SCOPIC (“Special Compensation – P&I Clubs”) clause to the LOF, so as to circumvent the limitations of the “Special Compensation” provisions of the 1989 Convention.

With regards to the chemical tanker CHEM P saga that started yesterday Saturday 19th March (Public Holiday in Malta) here are the updates for today Sunday 20th March -You can read more on our flash news article that was published yesterday –

0836 hrs – CHEM P to VTS – Requesting information regarding departure plan from her current position of which reply was that the Indian Captain will receive a phone call soon from the Harbour Master.

0912 hrs – VTS to CHEM P – All information regarding positions etc, it will be done via email so everything will be black on white.

1044 hrs – CHEM P to ST.ELMO – Asking regarding towage during the night and tug master replied that she was pulling slow the vessel since anchors were up and down and avoiding dragging anchors.

1108 hrs – VTS issued a strong Easterly wind warning valid till 2000 hrs.

1145 hrs – VTS to CHEM P – Heaving Up Anchors and tow the tanker to a designated area will be done on Monday 21st March after discussing and accessing the situation with tug Masters, tanker Master and all Authorities concerned.

1420 hrs – VTS to ST. ELMO – Requesting Situation Report (SITREP) of which reply was that sea conditions are the same and situation is stable.

1618 hrs – VTS to SPINOLA – Requesting SITREP of which reply was that swell height is 3.5 metres from the SE with wind gusting to 25 knots and situation is stable.

Last port of call was Algeciras, Spain where she was berthed since she was sold for demolition back to 22nd October 2021 where her name was shortened to CHEM P from CHEMICAL PIONEER

And as we reported she was built as the container vessel SEA WITCH that amongst other ports she called at Felixstowe & Rotterdam. And in 1973 as a container ship she had a mishap and collided with the Esso Company tanker ESSO BRUSSELS – Read also here

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Published – Sunday 20th March, 2022.

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Watermarked Photos are by Capt. Lawrence Dalli otherwise stated. NO PHOTOS can be used or manipulated without our permission.
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