12 June 2024






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On Monday 10th June, 2024, a fire broke out aboard the cruise liner MSC ARMONIA while she was manoeuvring to berth at the Venice Intermodal Terminal for a scheduled port of call visit.

Around 0630 hrs flames and smoke were coming out from the laundry room of which at no time guests were in danger, and there were no reports that the ship’s emergency alarm was sounded or that any call was given for passengers to report to muster stations. The laundry room where the fire broke out was not open for guests’ use, but is the main laundry facility for the vessel.

Over 100 medical personnel, Vigili Del Fuoco and Capitaneria Di Porto in collaboration with the authorities,  were all alerted and waiting in the port, boarded the ship to carry out thorough checks and ensure maximum safety of the ship.

Guardia Costiera was there too with the SAR boat CP 833.

Crew members onboard responded swiftly to the alert and extinguished the flames, as well as evacuating the adjacent areas as per safety protocols.

Fire is a grave risk on any cruise ship, and all cruise lines take fire safety very seriously. Crew members are trained and frequently drilled in fire response procedures, and every ship carries abundant fire suppression equipment.

Timeline image is of MSC ARMONIA entering Grand Harbour, Malta back to 2016.

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