7 August 2023






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Last Monday 24th July,2023 the 1994 built Floating, Storage and Offload(FSO) tanker LEONIS, part of the Vega mining field managed by Edison and Eni, reported Fire Aboard.

Fire was quickly extinguished by joint efforts of FSO personnel and Italian agencies responsible for safety at sea. Not much details available, understood fire was sparked off by maintenance hot works, igniting oil residue in cargo tank or tanks. CO2 firefighting system was activated.

Once the distress call was received, the Vigili Del Fuoco (Fire Brigade) dispatched a helicopter from Nucleo Elicotteri Catania based at Fontanarossa Airport (LICC).

Also Fire Fighting Vessels based at both Augusta and Catania Ports headed to the location.

2005 built 28.45 m fireboat VF M01 and 2004 built 15.30 m fireboat VF 1094 , both based at Augusta.

Nucleo Portuale MotoBarcaPompa (Fireboat) VF R01 based at Catania.

While the Port Authority of Pozzallo sent all rescue vessels for any evacuation needed of the personnel on board,

FSO LEONIS is located around 10 nautical miles off Pozzallo (Ragusa), Sicily. The field includes a fixed platform or Vega A (the largest Off-Shore structure in Italy), the FSO (Floating Storage and Offload) She’s intended for the storage of crude oil, and the submarine pipelines for the transport of diluents, crude oil and waste water.

No one was injured  and no serious damages, flame and smoke didn’t spread to upper decks.

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