25 April 2020






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8 sailors have died with 2 rescued seafarers after the 3,400 tons Turkish owned Maltese registered bulk carrier REINA I sank in Albanian waters overnight after a collision with the Turkish flagged ropax ANKARA.

The collision happened around 0100 hrs local time, 20 miles from the Albanian Port of Durres. One body was taken aboard the ropax while other 2 were not recovered due to rough seas. REINA 1 was bound to Montenegro with 10 Turkish crew.

No injuries were reported on the ropax which had left Durres en route for the Italian port of Bari with about 200 passengers. The ropax remained at the scene. The only survivors were the ship Captain, Ahmet Soyturk and the Second Officer of the ship, Ahmet Bal.

REINA 1 being bunkered by BAWA-1 at Bunkering Area 2 back to 4th January, 2009

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Published – Saturday 25th April,2020

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