5 April 2024






1 min

On Friday 5th April, 2024 the German built and owned Roll On Roll Off (RoRo) ship CAROLINE RUSS reported to Valletta VTS at 1432 hrs that while she was underway to Valletta from Palermo with her scheduled port of call she had a main engine failure , approximately 4 miles off Fish Farm Area (AJD Tuna Ranch). She stated that no assistance was required.

At 1445 hrs she reported to VTS that everything was in order , pressure is up and completing her approach to enter Grand Harbour (Valletta) with her estimated of arrival (eta) is 1515 hrs.

At 1447 hrs VTS asked if the vessel requires a tug for berthing or stand by but again the reply was NO.

At 1517 hrs Duty Pilot boarded her (pob) and proceeded  to her berth at Flagstone Wharf


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