22 August 2018






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On Friday 17th August, 2018 the tugboat THORAN capsized and sank in Cadiz Port, Spain.  She was seized in October 2017 when she was transporting 3.8 tons of cocaine hidden under the floor of the galley. It was then the largest cache of cocaine in which the State Security Forces and Corps had intervened.   The Port Authority pointed out probably a water ingress caused the sinking . A pollution control plan was activated and oil booms were laid out to avoid fuel contamination. Now the causes of the sinking were being investigated and the refloating will begin as soon as possible. Divers will be sent down to survey the valves at the ship’s bottom which may have been leaking. Spanish report with photo: https://www.lavozdigital….    

She was a normal visitor to Marsamxett & Valletta namely as HAMOUR and THOR SERVER – Below images when she was THOR SERVER at Valletta back in 2006,20012 and 2007.


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