31 October 2023






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As there are always BETTER WAYS to address a market, CMA CGM – Short Sea Lines Division is pleased to announce the reshuffling of our TULYBGTL and GETEX services as from WEEK 45 between TURKEY | GREECE| CYPRUS | EGYPT | LEBANON | MALTA | LIBYA.

New TULYB set up will address the Turkey – Greece/Piraeus – Cyprus – Egypt – Libya markets.

New GTL set up will address the Greece/Thessaloniki – Cyprus – Egypt – Lebanon – Turkey – Libya markets.

GETEX service will stop the same week 45, all POL/POD will be covered and all corridors will be offered in direct via TULYB, GTL and EMED2 (only for the Beirut – Limassol leg).

These revised weekly services (starting ex Aliaga on 07/11 and ex Thessaloniki on 10/11) will enable to maintain sustainable maritime bridges in the whole East Med region and Libya and will offer worldwide connections in our regional hubs of Beirut, Alexandria and Malta.



TULYB main features are the following:





GTL main features are the following:

All images are of the 2008 built 282 metres long container ship CMA CGM CORAL entering Marsaxlokk Harbour,  Malta back to 21st February, 2010.

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