6 March 2020






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The Government of Malta and MSC Cruises have reached a mutual agreement that the cruise liner MSC OPERA will not enter Valletta, Malta’s port, according to a government statement.

The government also said in a statement that “this decision has been taken following public alarm raised by misleading information given by a local media outlet through a story riddled with partial truths and erroneous details. It is pertinent to note that according to information received by the government and medical reviews and clearances granted by other foreign ports the ship has visited, there is no case of Coronavirus on board the MSC OPERA which was planned to enter Malta.

Despite the established facts, the Maltese Government and MSC Cruises have decided to approve the diversion routing of cruise liner MSC OPERA so as to avoid further concern among the Maltese public. The Government of Malta appeals for responsibility and maturity in statements made in relation to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

The statement released by the ship said: MSC OPERA next port of call will be Messina, Italy on Sunday as scheduled.

Earlier today doctors in Malta had threatened to take industrial action if the cruise ship was allowed to berth which was due to arrive at 1800hrs on Friday.

However, despite major concerns from doctors on the island, the statement reiterated that the “ship’s medical records confirmed her clean bill of health and ‘there is no case of coronavirus on board.'”

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Published – Friday 6th March, 2020

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