15 December 2018






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A 621 RHIN  was a mobile logistics support vessel built for the French Navy.

She was launched in 1964. She belonged to a class of five vessels to be used as a mobile logistics support force within a fleet supply force. The RHIN was a MSLF vessel specialized in electronics and usually as a stock of 60 torpedoes. She has sailed in the Mediterranean up to the early 1980s. Towards 1982, as the concept of fleet supply force was outdated, three similar vessels – Rhin, Rhone and Garonne were deployed overseas to maintain vessels operating far from the mainland arsenals. She was sent in the Indian ocean where she was assigned with the multipurpose workshop vessel Jules Verne. She lost her electronic specificity and was devoted to the maintenance of other vessels. She was turned into a MSLF ship alternately maintaining the maritime forces in Djibouti, Mayotte and La Réunion. After many years spent in the Indian ocean she definitely left the aera in 1995 and is now supporting the forces that have taken station in the West Indies and Guyana.

The crew of the Rhin was made of two distinct entities : – 70 specialists regular sailors from the crew of the fleet with an adequate training in metropolitan arsenals. Their job is to run the workshops; – 90 crew members in charge of providing the float with energy.

To carry out her mission, the Rhin needs :

The required equipment are gathered on the request of the Navy command staff according to the composition of the force to be supported and the vessels to be maintained.

Main Caracteristics

Meanwhile last Saturday 24th November, 2018 she was spotted towed by the 2008 built tug MULTRATUG 20 to be demolished.

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