18 June 2023






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The Italian Shipping Line TARROS , founded in 1828 involved in transportation including logistics, containers  and related services in the Mediterranean Sea is one of the shipping companies that when a vessel is chartered she’s given a predecessor name.

The first known VENTO DI GRECALE at Malta was the Italian built 119 metres long ro/ro ship built in 1980 running mainly on the route La Spezia – Genoa – Malta – Misurata – Tripoli – La Spezia which was seen at Malta operating until 1998 where she was sold to Maltese Owners.

Then from February 2008 to July 2010 it was the turn for the German built 157 metre container ship built in Germany in 1991 of which her sisters were seen both at Valletta and Marsaxlokk Harbour.

Here leaving Grand Harbour back to 21st May, 2009.

And from October 2010 till May 2011 the last ship named VENTO DI GRECALE to be seen at Malta so far was the 2006 Chinese built 139.2 metre container ship of which she was seen trading at Malta with her original name as ALEXANDER SIBUM.



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