10 October 2023






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On Monday 9th October, 2023 the  first planes evacuating Polish citizens from Israel arrived in Warsaw, Poland early morning at 0515 hrs from a Polish Government Boeing 737  carrying around 130 people, followed by two C-130 Hercules military transport aircraft carrying over 120 people. There are reportedly hundreds more Poles awaiting evacuation.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that a Polish-born Israeli historian is among those to have been kidnapped by Hamas during its attack on Israel over the weekend.

The Polish government announced on Sunday 8th October, 2023 that it would begin evacuating citizens from Israel. That followed reports that up to 200 Poles were camped out at Tel Aviv airport following the suspension of most international flights due to Hamas’s attack.

The head of the Polish Chamber of Tourism (PIT), Paweł Niewiadomski, told the Rzeczpospolita daily that those at the airport were mostly tourists. PIT has determined that there are a further 603 Polish tourists at hotels in Israel and 200 have already been evacuated to neighbouring Jordan and Egypt by bus.

Yesterday, Monday 9th October late evening , 3 aircraft were spotted leaving Tel Aviv Airport, Israel, to land in Crete and straight to Warsaw, Poland –


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