23 June 2023






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One of the famous ship design built in Russia late 70’s and eighties were the 157 metre long multi type cargo ship with a bow roro ramp. Various ships were naming some of them – IVAN DERBENEV built in 1978 as yard no 826, TIMURA FRUNZE built in 1979, MARJAN built in 1980, KATYA ZELENKO built in 1980 and YURIY AVOT built in 1983 of which they were used also by the navy as requisitioned ships. SALERNO EXPRESS started her life originally the ALEKSA DUNDIC built in August 1982  in Russia by Sudostroitelnyy Zavod im. “A. Zhdanov” at Leningrad as yard no 834 for JADROPLOV, Yugoslavia trading until 1990. She was bought by Grimaldi lines and renamed LIVORNO BRIDGE making several voyages with second hand vehicles including used vans and high and heavy roro. She was renamed again in 1996 to SALERNO EXPRESS homeported at Valletta, Malta –                She opened the door of Malta Motorways Of The Sea (MMOS) which was set up at the end of 2005 to support the industrial and commercial development of Malta and the growth of its economy. MMOS started its operations to guarantee service continuity in the wake of the liquidation of Sea Malta, the State-owned shipping line. Since inception, the Company, within the framework of Grimaldi Group, has developed a network of Ro/Ro links between Malta and a number of Mediterranean destinations. MMOS has a number of owned vessels registered under the Maltese Flag (MLT). She was scrapped at Alang, India in September 2009 with a total Scrap Price (US$) : 1.704.380 of which the written Grimaldi Lines on her hull were painted over. In fact before she finished her time we saw her at Malta in clean blue hull. Grimaldi is represented in Malta by Sullivan Maritime Ltd –


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