5 May 2021






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The Port of Haifa  is the largest of Israel’s three major international seaports, the others being the Port of Ashdod, and the Port of Eilat. It has a natural deep water harbor, which operates all year long, and serves both passenger and merchant ships. It is one of the largest ports in the eastern Mediterranean in terms of freight volume and handles about 30 million tons of cargo per year (not including Israel Shipyards’ port).

Here is some of interesting shipping movements –

1st April – 2003 built heavy load carrier ZHEN HUA 36 left Haifa bound to China via Suez Canal after she arrived in ballast from Liverpool the previous day on 31st March, 2021.

9th April – 2018 built bulker KEDROS left Haifa after her cargo was discharged at the Dagon Silo assisted by tugs ARIEL and ILAN I.

11th April – At 1344 hrs the 2010 built vehicle carrier NEPTUNE ITHAKI entered harbour coming from Mersin, Turkey.

At 1544 hrs the 2007 built Israeli flag and owned 261 metre container ship ZIM VANCOUVER left Haifa bound to Aliaga, Turkey.

13th April – The 2005 built 260 metres long container ship CSCL SYDNEY left port bound to Mersin, Turkey.

14th April – At 1439 hrs the 1983 built hopper dredger EDT YAM left port bound to Limassol while the 2012 built multicat EDT KYROS entered.

21st April – At 0753 hrs the 2021 newbuilt cruise liner ODYSSEY OF THE SEAS entered Port coming from Limassol, Cyprus.

22nd April – After an overnight stay the cruise liner ODYSSEY OF THE SEAS left harbour to anchor OPL .

25th April – The 2010 built 366 metre container ship MSC GENOVA entered harbour assisted by 6 tugs arriving from Port Said, Egypt.

26th April – 20 year old lady (2001 built) bulker ZEYNEP KIRAN entered Port for discharging coming from Novorossiysk, Russia.

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Published – Wednesday 5th May, 2021.

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