17 March 2020






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The final operational voyage of Australia’s Antarctic icebreaker AURORA AUSTRALIS left Hobart last week for the sub Antarctic Macquarie Island. The ship’s last trip south, after 31 years of service to the Australian Antarctic Program, will be a two week voyage to resupply Macquarie Island and transport expeditioners.

She was built by Carrington Slipways in Tomago, New South Wales, Australia and launched in 1989. She is owned by P&O Maritime Services, but she’s regularly chartered by the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) for research cruises in Antarctic waters and to support Australian bases in Antarctica.

Her ice certification expires at the end of March and with a Brand new ship NUJINA currently undergoing final fitting out at Damen Galati and trials it is not know what the future is for the vessel whether her owner will dry dock her over winter for a full survey to re validate her Ice class, there have been calls after this Summers bush fires for the Australian Government to buy her and utiliser her as a disaster relief vessel which she would be ideal for having 2,500t cargo hold, 45t capacity crane, storage tanks for fuel, a helideck capable of support 3 As320’s helicopters at one time and a saltwater evaporator.

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Published – Tuesday 17th March 2020

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