8 July 2020






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On Sunday 5th July 2020 the 52 rescued illegal immigrants that are onboard the livestock carrier TALIA in Maltese territorial waters have not been allowed to disembark by the Government until it has guarantees from other EU member states on their immediate relocation.

According to the TALIA’s crew RCC Malta promised to transfer the rescued immigrants to Armed Forces of Malta assets and to disembark them in Malta. She was sent to assist in the SAR Area on Friday 3rd July after the 52 souls were in distress at sea and reached out to Alarm Phone of which they are claiming that were in the Maltese Search and Rescue zone.

On completion of the rescue operation TALIA started navigating towards the near port in this case Lampedusa but was denied to enter territorial waters so Italy instructed the vessel to stay away from Italian territorial waters and navigate towards Malta of which she did though she was denied entry into Maltese territorial waters.

With Wind blowing from the North West she was given the authority to shelter at Bunkering Area 4 on Sunday 5th July, 2020 morning.

On Sunday 5th July the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) performed a Medical Evacuation (Medevac) where 2 persons were evacuated in critical conditions and brought over to Mater Dei Hospital.

On Monday 6th July evening RCC Malta advised TALIA’s Captain Mohammad Shaaban to provide an individual suffering from headache with paracetamol, and also requested him to list any pregnant women, children or elderly people among the rescued. Illegal immigrants are being held in animal stables aboard a livestock carrier with most of them are falling ill and running out of food according to the master.

On Tuesday 7th July late evening and Wednesday 8th July early morning disembarking of the illegal immigrants was done via SAR Launch MELITA I and an Austal Class Inshore Patrol Craft.

They were disembarked at Boiler Wharf in Grand Harbour.

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Published – Wednesday 8th July, 2020

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