3 December 2018






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Together with the Spanish organization Proactiva Open Arms and the Italian partner project Mediterranea, SEA-WATCH 3 said it has returned to the SAR Area off Libya. Previously, the ship had been detained in Malta for almost four months.

The fleet of three ships from three countries – OPEN ARMS,MARE JONIO and SEA-WATCH 3 which is also supported by the Moonbird reconnaissance aircraft, views itself as a civil society response to the European Union’s deadly isolation policy and will carry out a joint search and rescue operation in the central Mediterranean and document human rights violations, Sea-Watch said in a statement.

“The EU states are haggling over the distribution of single rescued persons, while the death rate in the central Mediterranean rose to a record high in September. We are setting a good example and give a European response to the state-imposed state of emergency in the Mediterranean, which is committed to the ideals of solidarity and human rights,” says Johannes Bayer, Head of Operations on the Sea-Watch 3.

Below images are of the Cirrus SR22T registered as HB- KMM seen at Malta International Airport back to 20th September 2017 –


And below the SEA-WATCH 3 moored at Bezzina Ship Repair Yard, Malta on 18th April, 2018 –


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