9 May 2023






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The smallest dredger in the Maltese Islands is the Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) LEONE.

CSD are designed to dredge rock, clay, silt, and sand and use where the ground is too hard for trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHD). Cutter Suction Dredgers dredge  mechanically by a rotating cutter head and suitable for land reclamation, deepening harbors and the construction and expansion of ports and navigational channels or pipeline trenching in the seabed.


LEONE built in 1982 is 16.45 metres long with 5.05 metres beam and maximum draught of 1.4 metres.

She was built in 1982 with steel hull holding 32.23 GRT and dredging capacity up to 13 metres at 45 degrees.

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