14 September 2023






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On Monday 7th November 2022, Royal Navy’s amphibious assault ship HMS ALBION L 14 arrived in Malta berthing starboard side alongside to Boiler Wharf.

The visit coincided with a series of Remembrance Day commemorations happening in Malta of which her Country Flag was flown half mast as per below images.

Her last call to Malta was back to 2011 since she was due to call in November 2020 when she was part of NATO Sea Guardian Operation but diplomatic call was Cancelled.

Along with sister ship HMS BULWARK L 15 she forms a key part of the Royal Navy’s amphibious warfare capability. The ship can carry up to 256 soldiers in normal conditions, ordinarily Royal Marines. HMS ALBION can also carry their various associated armoured vehicles, up to the size of the Challenger 2 main battle tank (MBT). Vehicles can be deployed through an internal dock, using the ship’s complement of four Landing Craft Utility (LCUs), while troops can be deployed from davits using four Landing Craft Vehicle and Personnel (LCVPs).

LVCP Mk 5 – 0344NM on her davit.

Before her arrival in Malta, HMS ALBION L 14  led the UK’s Littoral Response Group (North) of which her last port was Bar at Montenegro and spent time in Alexandria working alongside the Egyptian Navy as part of a busy autumn deployment in the Mediterranean.

She left Malta in the afternoon of Friday 11th November, 2022.


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