22 August 2019






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St. Julian’s feast falls on the last weekend of August and there really is no escaping it, it holds unique traditions on the island. With the roads closed the village become colourfully decorated, the lamp posts are ornamented with vibrant lights and the stalls are filled with treats that should not be missed so if you want to mingle with the locals in Malta, there is nowhere better than at the Maltese village Festa.

On Monday before the feast after the evening mass the statue of St. Julian’s will be out saluting the Public and opening the external celebrations.

Along with the usual festa features (food stalls, marching band, fireworks etc), the St Julian’s celebrations also include the much beloved and entertaining event of the ġostra.

The ġostra is basically greasy pole climbing competition where contestants try to run up an angled pole to reach the flag at the tip. Whoever manages to remove it from its place wins a prize. Before the year 2000’s the pole used to be on a barge anchored before we enter St. Julian’s Bay.

Apart from a week celebrations than you have statues going in on their pedestal’s with band marches in various streets of the village including the statue of the late Pope John Paul II on Fridays with fireworks petards all the evening –

Then on Saturday the statue of St. Julians –

And ground fireworks (Gigifogu) will follow few minutes after the statue is in her place –

Followed by a spectacular fireworks display from the sea lightning the Bay –

Meanwhile in the evening there will be the traditional Maltese Dghajsa embarking passengers to go around the bay –

Then on Sunday the famous MARC TA FIL-GHODU is here with red, yellow and black balloons and Belgian flags –

At the stroke of 1900 hrs the statue of St Julian’s will appear at the door of the church and for the procession, a number of hunters will pay tribute to their patron Saint of hunting, Julian the Hospitaller by firing blank gunshots into the air which is a unique tradition.

Procession with the statue of St. Julian’s will follow –

And continue through out the narrow streets of the village –

With Fireworks included –

So come and enjoy St. Julian’s Festa celebrated this week ending Sunday 25th August, 2019.

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