10 December 2019






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On Monday 9th December, 2019 afternoon, the container ship APL MEXICO CITY struck a gantry crane at the port of Antwerp, causing the crane to collapse. 

The APL MEXICO CITY broke loose from her moorings at the Deurganck dock in the port of Antwerp, Belgium on Monday around 1400 hours.  As she had been moored, she was not under direct VTS guidance, but the port VTS service spotted the problem and dispatched help by sending tugboats and a pilot boat to the ship. Numerous tugs responded to the scene and attempted to bring the vessel under control of which the ship struck the outstretched gantry of a crane on the opposite side of the harbour, causing it to collapse. 

The incident caused extensive damage on the quay and damaged the container ship of which she has been safely moored again but will require repairs before she can sail. According to terminal operator DP World, the area in the vicinity of the crane was evacuated and there were no injuries. The company said that operations would resume soon. 

The marine weather forecast for Antwerp at the time of the casualty predicted winds of 40 knots with gusts to 45. Given the weather conditions, the port authority temporarily suspended navigation for safety reasons, local media reported.

All images are of APL MEXICO CITY leaving Marsaxlokk Harbour back to Monday 18th November, 2019 from Freeport Terminal 2 North.

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Published – Tuesday 10th December 2019

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