22 April 2023






1 min

In the morning of Saturday 22nd April 2023, a mooring Bollard (No 12) at the 74 metres long wharf – Laboratory Wharf South 2 finished in 2 pieces while an 88 metre general cargo ship was leaving.

Around 0800 hrs when the vessel NS NEVELA was leaving the berth this accident happen, no one was injured and ship was not damaged neither (only paintwork). Vessel was in ballast condition.

She passed breakwaters at 0825hrs with VTS advising Captain to stay within territorial waters and to confirm damages with state of facts to  forward them to local shipping agent and then to Deputy Harbour Master.

An hour later at 0926 after Captain stated that the vessel is in good condition and no damage was done (seaworthy), she was given the green light to proceed to her next port of call.


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