24 January 2024






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Last 6th January, 2024 MSC Cruises liner MSC SINFONIA  faced challenges during sudden whirlwind and finished ahead crashing into other boats  moored at the Marina and one of the docks of the Foro Italico breaking free from her mooring lines.

The incident happened while the ship was undergoing maintenance at Porto Grande, Syracuse,  Sicily with the wind gusting  up to 46 miles per hour (74 kilometers per hour) or 40 knots were recorded, surpassing the 34-knot threshold for gale force of which we issued an article too –

No injuries were reported with the liner assisted by four tugboats – PUNTA MAGNISI; DURO; TORRE AVOLOS and SANTA PANAGIA which was successfully returned to her berth once again with 2 tugs pushing her to be secured 24/7  after drifting significantly during the incident. However, the drifting caused damage to nearby vessels, docks, and the Marina Yachting yard.

The wind direction, directly against the ship’s 13-deck-high side, exerted maximum force, leading to the snapping of mooring ropes that held the ship docked. The vessel’s stern hit the dock, followed by drifting into the adjacent Marina Yachting yard, resulting in impacts with several boats and nearby piers.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Syracuse has initiated an official investigation to determine whether negligence was involved and to identify liability for damages. The investigation will likely examine weather patterns, the issuance and communication of weather warnings, actions taken by the shipyard and cruise line officials, and technical details related to how the ship was docked.

While the full extent of the damage is yet to be confirmed, multiple small craft at the yacht club were reportedly sunk due to the impact, and docks were destroyed. The investigation may take several weeks or months to complete.

MSC SINFONIA , originally scheduled to resume service from March 24, 2024, for Mediterranean sailings, may face delays depending on any significant damage discovered during inspections. Guests booked on upcoming sailings are advised to stay in close contact with the cruise line for updates on potential adjustments or cancellations.

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