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One of the most notable naval vessels when Malta served as a British Naval Base was no doubt the Submarine Depot Ship HMS FORTH with pennant number as A 187.

At Grand Harbour back to February, 1948.

Laid down on 30th June 1937, launched on 11th August 1938 and Commissioned on 14th May, 1939, she was built by the Scottish Shipbuilding Yard – John Brown & Company at Clydebank as a Maidstone Class Submarine Depot Ship.

Her ship crest represents the famous bridge over the Firth of Forth.

During her stay in Malta in the 1950s she was moored at Msida Creek, part of the Torpedo Depot.

She was even spotted moored at Grand Harbour, both at Dockyard Creek and Buoys in the middle of the Harbour.

She left Malta in 1960 and she was modified to support the Royal Navy’s nuclear-powered submarines at H.M.Dockyard Chatham between 1962-1966.

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