9 November 2023






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After  ending last September 2023, with another SUCCESS as Malta Ship News part of Malta Ship Photos & Action Photos (MSPAP) has been nominated as ONE of the TOP SHIPPING NEWS WORLDWIDE :)))), we received another great news.

With the ‘ new ‘ website launched during Q 1 of this year which took nearly 8 months to refurbish into a fresh look and more friendly , we received another great news that during the months of July to End of October we had 200,000 views on the site.

We are thrilled with this Exciting News, we strive our very best to our esteemed clientele and we are here 24/7…….

Our Photography Archives didn’t start today, they go back to World War II , political meetings in the 20’s etc hence that is why we are the Largest and Leading Photo Library in the Maltese Islands apart from maritime historian details of which we do several research to our esteemed clients.

Explore our profile to stay informed and connected with the latest news and feel free to contact us to see your Logo Aboard …….


All Photographs with others in archives are AGAINST PAYMENT so feel free to email us with your requirements.

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