20 April 2019






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Montenegrin military police have seized around 50 kilograms of drugs on board the naval training ship JADRAN, hours before she was scheduled to take students on a training cruise, while moored in the Adriatic Port of Tivat the defence ministry and local media said on Friday.

In a dawn raid prompted by a tip off, the military police found 50 kilograms of cocaine aboard the ship JADRAN of which even Montenegrin navy divers have also searched the hull of the ship a sailing ship which was moored in the Adriatic port of Tivat, the ministry said, but that no arrests had been made.

Teachers and students of Montenegro’s Naval Faculty were not on board the vessel during the raid, the ministry said. They were expected to board the ship later and depart on a training cruise.

“Operatives of the police department and the military police … are taking steps to uncover the culprits,” the ministry said in a statement.

JADRAN, once the main training ship of the now defunct Yugoslav Naval Academy, was taken over by Montenegro’s navy after the country declared independence from Belgrade in 2006. She is used solely for training purposes.

Montenegro, a member of NATO, also aspires to join the European Union but it must first do more to tackle organized crime and corruption and to improve the rule of law.

Images are while JADRAN was entering Valletta, Malta back to Tuesday 8th May , 2018.

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