17 May 2019






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The German weekly news magazine published in Hamburg, Germany Der Spiegel reported that a German Navy submarine ran aground in Norwegian waters shortly after she left port on Tuesday, May 14.

The Type 212 submarine FGS U 36 S186 ran aground after she left the Royal Norwegian Navy base at Haakonsvern, the German Navy confirmed one day after the incident took place.

Divers have carried out an inspection of the hull using video cameras. The resulting footage is still being assessed by senior German officials to determine whether the submarine will be permitted to sail anytime soon.

FGS U 36 is currently in Norway in the final weeks of a five month training deployment that began in January.

This is the second grounding of a German Navy Type 212 submarine in Norwegian waters after an incident where FGS U 35 suffered a damaged rudder during deep water tests off Kristiansand in October 2017.

Above images are back to November 2007 when FGS U 33 S 183 the only German Navy Type 212 Submarine called to Valletta, Malta till date.

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