29 September 2019






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Hard drugs were found at Curaçao, a Dutch Caribbean Island with a soldier aboard the amphibious naval ship Zr. Ms JOHAN DE WITT L 802 whilst berthed at Willemstad. It is not clear which drugs are involved and how many were found, but the lot would be too large for personal use.

The amphibious transport ship has just returned from the Bahamas, where she provided assistance to victims of Hurricane Dorian. The hard drugs were in a soldier’s backpack. Two cabins were also searched aboard the ship, but nothing was found there. The soldier has been arrested by the military police.

Zero tolerance policy

Drugs are regularly found with soldiers stationed in Curaçao. For citizens, the rule is that there is no active prosecution when it comes to the use of drugs. The situation is different for soldiers because of the zero-tolerance policy of the Ministry of Defense.

This policy also applies in Curaçao, where the temptation to use drugs is a risk. Because of this risk and also because of other recent developments, the actions against to the use of drugs by soldiers in Curaçao has been intensified.

Aerial images are during her last port call to Valletta, Malta back to 5th July 2010 and the below as hull entering Valletta towed from Damen Shipyard Galati Romania to be completed by Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding at Netherlands back to 17th November 2004 –

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