16 August 2023






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The South Korean designed Makassar class Landing Platform Dock of the Peruvian Navy BAP PISCO AMP 156, a rarity in European waters was seen at Rota, Spain on Wednesday 9th August.
She was built in Peru by by Shipyard Marine Industrial Services of Peru, known as SIMA. The design of the BAP PISCO was carried out by South Korea’s Daesun Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Ltd. in collaboration with Peru’s state owned shipyard, SIMA.

The Peruvian Ministry of Defense signed a memorandum on 10th April 2012 for two Makassar Class LPDs and in early 2013, Peru paid a contract of $60 million to construct the PISCO, the first of the two LPDs designated for the Peruvian Navy.

Her call at Rota was to pick up  6 former Armada Espanola (Spanish Navy) SH-3 Sea Kings Helicopters  which were retired from service last June after 55 years of operations and more than 100,000 flight hours that were sold to Peru for 1 euro each !!!

Sea King Helicopter embarked onboard the aircraft carrier ESPS PRINCIPE DE ASTURIAS R 11 at Malta back to 2007.
BAP PISCO AMP 156 left Rota on Sunday 13th August, 2023.
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