27 December 2023






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During Week 50 of this year a Royal Navy navigation warning  was issued after one of her vessels inadvertently lost the jackstaff and tripod overboard. The notification has been sent out to all all vessels operating just off North Corner Jetty (East) in HM Naval Base Portsmouth.

They were being warned to “navigate with particular caution, if required to operate in this vicinity”. It was not clear to which Royal Navy ship the jackstaff belongs.

The notification came at around the same time HMS  PRINCE OF WALES returned to Portsmouth after her deployment to the United States , though jackstaff wasn’t hers.

Several ships have recently returned home to Portsmouth for Christmas including HMS Dauntless amongst others.

The name Jack is thought to be derived from the naval term jackstaff, which is the small vertical spar or pole on the bow of a ship and from where the Union Jack is flown. A Royal Navy spokesperson said: “We are aware of an issue involving a jackstaff. Royal Navy divers will attempt to retrieve it in due course.”

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