17 March 2023



Company News



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With this year celebrating our 33rd anniversary since Malta Ship Photos & Action Photos (MSPAP) was born we took a long voyage to give a fresh look to our website.

We are pleased to announce that today Friday 17th March, 2023 we are launching a fresh look into our website –

This has been ongoing since the Q4 of last year and the launch date is finally here 🙂

We are so excited about this website with new features tailored to potential clients; improved security and more user friendly so your destination for everything is running. Get Inspired, Get Connected and Get Geared Up.

It  has been designed to provide an easy to use interface to help you find what’s important for you.

It includes the former MaltaShipNews which is no longer browsed on another website and it can be found on the NEWS –




Your destination for everything is running, get inspired, connected and geared up.


SPECIAL THANKS goes to our Sponsors who always believe in Our Excellent Service and to the Website Designers in Malta – Whitespace Ltd who did a great job.




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