29 October 2023






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While the world is focused on Middle East Issues, Finnish Police leading the pipeline investigation have named the Hong Kong flagged (HKG) container ship carrier NEWNEW POLAR BEAR as the prime suspect in damaging the gas pipeline early on 8th October.

A large anchor was found near the pipeline, and the investigators believe the pipe was broken as a ship dragged it across the sea bed

Right so as expected the ownership chain is murky. As I understand although the ship is registered under XinXin Shipping in China. That is owned and operated as part of Torgmoll of Russia ( – only website working, has been taken down).

Later on this month the 2005 built 169 metre HKG flag container ship NEWNEW POLAR BEAR  was spotted in the port of Arkhangelsk, Russia with her anchor missing. Finnish investigators suspect the anchor was dragged into the Baltic connector, causing damage to the Finnish-Estonian gas pipeline, which will take six months to repair.


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