16 January 2024






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Unfortunately when something happen around us being locally or in a foreign country you will always find Fake/Wrong News with photos and videos attached.

One of the lately transportation issue was the anti-ship ballistic missile fired from Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen on the 2015 built bulker GIBRALTAR EAGLE owned by Eagle Shipping International (USA) LLC based at Stamford, Connecticut, USA.

UKMTO map showing the location of today's missile attack on a ship. Photo: UKTMO

United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) map showing the location of today’s missile attack on a ship. Photo: UKTMO

Several media reported the attack worldwide but AGAIN we saw misinformation responsible outlets such as the below – A Bulgarian bulker in the Headlines

Or the worst one showing a video of the SGP flag container ship X-PRESS PEARL  which caught fire off the Sri Lankan coast in 2021.

Another misleading image/video when the original one happened in 2021 –

People are often capable of distinguishing between true and false news content, but fail to even consider whether content is accurate before they share it on social media. “In a social media environment, there’s so much to focus on around the social aspects of sharing — how many likes will I get, who else shared this — and we have limited cognitive bandwidth. So people often simply forget to even think about whether claims are true before they share them apart from Money in the pocket and claiming that we are the best.

We as MALTA SHIP PHOTOS & ACTION PHOTOS (MSPAP) are FULL RESPONSIBLE for what we issue and we are surrounded by team members Worldwide so we act accordingly, one thing that makes us Appreciated as we STRIVE our very best to the Maritime Industry.



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