24 March 2023






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On Friday 24th March, 2023 at 2315 hrs the 2023 newbuilt Fusion Class ferry P&O PIONEER passed 48.8 nautical miles Malta whilst underway to Dover, UK from her builders at Guangzhou, China.

On Wednesday  22nd March she entered Limassol, Cyprus berthing at DP World to uplift bunkers where she stayed for 13 hours before completing her voyage of which she’s expected to be operational on the English Channel Route to Calais, France in May,2023


P&O PIONEER’ is set to be the world’s largest double-ended hybrid ferry with two bridges meaning there is no need for her to turn around in ports, saving fuel on every roundtrip. Forecasts anticipate that the ferry will deliver a 40% reduction in carbon emissions on the Dover-Calais route from her first day in service, making her the most sustainable ferry ever to sail between Britain and the Continent and a true leader in advancing the UK maritime sector’s journey towards net zero.




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