2 March 2019






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Last Sunday 24th February 2019 it was the 60th Birthday for the 1959 built ocean going and salvage tug ELBE. She entered service for L. Smit
& C.’s Internationale Sleepdienst, Rotterdam and sailed for SMIT for 17 years as ELBE.

Since 28th September 1977 she was converted into a pilot cutter for service in Chesapeake Bay for the Maryland of the Association of Maryland Pilots at Maryland, USA bearing the name MARYLAND.

During 1985 she was donated to Greenpeace to be their flagship for another 17 years as GONDWANA of Greenpeace,/ Rainbow Warrior Ltd., London, England, renamed GREENPEACE in 1985 of Greenpeace International Inc., Miami, USA.

Since 4th January 2002 she retained her original name (ELBE) as a museum ship of the Stichting Buitenmuseum, Rotterdam and since restored and preserved at Maassluis, Netherlands.

Featured image of ELBE is berthed at Maasluis, Netherlands back to October 2005 and the above as GREENPEACE while entering Valletta, Malta back to 18th September, 2000.

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