9 August 2023






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3 large underwater volcanoes and a 100 metre shipwreck have been discovered off Sicily’s south-west coast by a team of researchers that included scientists from the University of Malta (UOM)

The volcanoes are at least six kilometres wide and extend up to 150 metres above the seabed. They share the area with several smaller volcanoes that last erupted in 1831.

An image of one of the volcanoes discovered on the seabed. Photo: Aaron Micallef/X (Twitter).

High-resolution mapping also revealed a 100 metres long with 17 metres beam shipwreck resting on the ocean floor at a depth of 110 metres. The wreck is located approximately halfway between Sicily and Linosa, an Italian island west of Malta.  Her position was reported to Italian authorities with no details have been given so far.

The discoveries were made during a 3 week  expedition onboard the German research vessel METEOR involving scientists from ocean research centres in Germany, Italy and the USA and universities in Malta, UK, New Zealand and Germany.


All images of METEOR entering Grand Harbour, Malta back to November 2001.

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