6 December 2023






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One of the most beautiful trucks in immaculate condition in the Maltese Islands is no doubt the American 1936 built White Model 704  with license plate as WHT 704 which is owned by White Brothers Ltd (WBL) founder Mr. Angelo Ciantar.

White Brothers Ltd is a cargo transportation company whose core activity lies in the Clearing, Handling and Transport of all cargo including Heavy Lift and Machinery Removals etc. The company owes its name to the founder’s first truck nicknamed ‘Tal-White’ by which the family business became popularly known thereafter.


WHT 704 ,an American built ‘White’ Model 704, was bought in the 1940s and it was the first truck in WBL fleet.

The truck is seen in Truck Shows and always in immaculate condition including her engine.

And as a dropside model.


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