3 February 2024






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Ukraine’s military intelligence (HUR) stated that last Thursday 1st February, 2024 its operatives sunk a Russian Navy Tarantul Class Missile Corvette RFS IVANOVETS  854 from the Black Sea Fleet overnight off of occupied Crimea.

Ukraine used six Magura V5 maritime suicide drones to sink the naval vessel as per Ukraine’s intelligence chief. Each of these drones is capable of carrying 320 kg of explosives.

With Ukraine’s Navy virtually non-existent, Ukraine employs missiles and the newly-created fleet of various maritime suicide drones to counter Russia’s dominance in the Black Sea. These tactics led to the destruction or severe damage to at least 17 vessels of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, including the Fleet’s Flagship RFS MOSKVA early in the all-out war.

Above image – RFS MOSKVA 121 approaching Grand Harbour, Malta back to 2004

The MAGURA V5 is a versatile Ukrainian unmanned surface vessel designed for a wide array of tasks including surveillance, reconnaissance, patrolling, search and rescue, mine countermeasures, maritime security, and combat suicide missions. The 5.5-meter-long maritime drone boasts an operational range of up to 400 km and can carry a payload of up to 320 kg.

Ukraine’s military intelligence said that the ship costs approximately $60-70 million. According to preliminary information, the military intelligence said that Russian search and rescue operations were unsuccessful. RFS IVANOVETS  was involved in live-fire exercises in the Black Sea in July 2023 after Russia withdrew from the Black Sea Grain Initiative and subsequently declared  that all vessels sailing to Ukrainian ports would be considered military targets.

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