20 August 2023






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Last Tuesday 15th August, Russia released a video footage showing an armed naval inspection unit boarding a cargo ship in the southwestern Black Sea on Sunday 13th  and questioning the captain about why the ship had not stopped when demanded to by a Russian warship.

Russia said that it fired warning shots with automatic weapons at the Palau flagged (PLW) general cargo ship SUKRU OKAN after she failed to respond to stop , though it was unclear why the ship was boarded so close to Turkey.

In a video released by the Russian defense ministry, crew members can be seen kneeling on deck with their hands on their head as a Russian Ka-29 helicopter approaches.

SUKRU OKAN was built in Turkey by Yildirim Shipyard at Istanbul as the HACI ABDULLAH TOMBA in 1989 trading until July, 2014 of which was also spotted at Malta as per below image.

She was sold and renamed SAHIN KAYA trading until July 2021 and renamed to her current name as SUKRU OKAN. She was reflagged to PLW since February, 2023 and still owned by Turkish Interests.

Timeline image taken from footage published 15th August, 2023. Russian Defence Ministry/Handout.


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