5 March 2024






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The Russian Navy Project 22160 Patrol Ship RFS SERGEY KOTOV (Russian: Сергей Котов) was attacked by Ukrainian forces using MAGURA V5 maritime drones, with Ukrainian intelligence claiming on 5th March 2024 the ship was sunk.

As a result of the attack by Magura V5 naval drones, the RFS SERGEY KOTOV  suffered damage to the stern, right and left sides. The ship was damaged in Ukraine’s territorial waters, near the Kerch Strait.   The ship was worth about $65 million.

She was previously attacked during September 2023 by an unmanned surface vessel (USV), while her sister RFS PAVEL DERZHAVIN was damaged by a naval drone during October 2023 by a naval drone.

The Ukrainian Heros converted another Russian surface ship into a submarine!!!


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