3 October 2023






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After an absence of 3 years, the 1992 built carrack replica NAO VICTORIA was seen again in the Maltese Islands, this time berthed at Mgarr Marina, Gozo since filming is taking place in the north of Malta.

She was last here back to August 2020, moored at Kalkara Marina and she was used at Cirkewwa for the filming of GOD’s SOLDIER a docudrama based on a story from the 1565 Great Siege.

We issued an article about her in September, 2020 –

NAO VICTORIA was a Spanish carrack and the first ship to successfully circumnavigate the world. NAO VICTORIA was part of a Spanish expedition commanded by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, and after his death during the voyage, by Juan Sebastián Elcano. The expedition began on 10th August 1519 with five ships. However, she was the only ship to complete the voyage, returning on 6th September 1522.

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